Connect. Grow. Serve. Go.

Connect, Grow, Serve, Go, must impact you, the individual, before it can permeate your circle of friends, your Community Group, and then the church as a whole. All Go and no Connect with God or other believers leaves you worn out. A steady diet of Grow without the action of Serve or Go leads to unhealthy spiritual indifference. We all need a balanced spiritual diet to remain fit and able to serve God in the ways He has gifted us.



Connect highlights the importance of worship, prayer, and fellowship in your everyday life. It reminds you that building positive, long-lasting relationships with people at work, school, the PTA, and even in your home is vastly important. As you connect with God, He connects you with individuals who you in turn connect to your church family.


Grow “in spirit and in truth.” Knowing God’s Word and how it makes a difference in the day-to-day is key to a balanced life. Growing in knowledge is vital, but it’s about more than just information. It’s about truly becoming a disciple and seeing God’s Word come alive in your life.


Serve alongside fellow followers of Christ —it feeds your soul. Your church is full of ministry and service opportunities. Maybe your service is greeter/usher, helping the student ministry, or teaching an equip class. It takes all of us working together for the church to function as God intended. He empowers us to serve, and multiplies our efforts in exponential ways.


Go, moves you outside of the church walls into every part of your community and the world. Whether you’re driving a hammer on a Habitat build, offering a clean cup of water, or tutoring children at the local Y, do it all in the name of Christ. It might be uncomfortable at first, but you will experience first-hand the impact Christ can make through you.